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philippg Apr 19, 2018 01:25 PM

A colleague and I are researching total verified annual emissions under the EU ETS. We noticed that the data on total EU-wide emissions in the EEA ETS Data Viewer are not quite identical with the ones from the EU Commission Verified Emissions Report 2017.

What we did is summing up the "Verified Emissions 20xx" data of all the companies/installations in the Excel file provided by the EU Commission.
So we are wondering if there is some error in our approach or whether you use a different method for compiling annual emissions under the ETS.

Especially for the period between 2008 and 2012, there are differences of a few 10,000 MtCO2e every year between our way of calculating and yours. Emissions between 2005-2007 are virtually the same and differences post-2012 are also minimal.

We already have done some research on what might be the reason for the differences but this has remained inconclusive. If there are differences in the way you calculate and the way the EU Commission calculates, would you be so kind to share them with us?

We are looking forward to your response.
Thank you and best regards,
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EEA Apr 24, 2018 01:51 PM

It is not 100% clear to which publication of the Commission you refer to, but if you are referring to

a) C(2017) 3228 final (Publication of the total number of allowances in circulation for the purposes of the Market Stability Reserve under the EU Emissions Trading System established by Directive 2003/87/EC): The verified emissions in Table 1 do not match EEA numbers because the extraction date of the data from the EUTL differs.

b) The number published via excel file on 2nd April by the Commission: This file is not complete with regard to installations which have closed accounts before 2013. These installations are not included although they might have had emissions in 2008-2012.

Kind regards.