Dear Sir or Madam,<br /><br />for my masters thesis, I'm seeking for data on air pollution in European cities. More specifically, I need emission concentrations for the 79 cities participating in the Urban Audit Perception Surveys, for instance the Flash Eurobarometer 419 (Quality of Life in European Cities 2015). I will gladly provide a list of the respective cities upon your request. <br /><br />I've found some useful data under this link: <a href="" rel="nofollow">[&hellip;]s-at-station#tab-statistics</a> <br /><br />However, in this dataset, only annual average emission concentration data is provided. Furthermore, data on certain pollutants is missing for many cities in the Urban Audit Perception Surveys. Also, I don't know how to varify if the city names provided in the dataset coincide with the city boundaries in the Urban Audit Perception Surveys.<br /><br />What I need is:<br />1. Air pollution data for the 79 cities and the four greater urban areas which are participating in the Flash Eurobarometer 419 (year: 2015) and the Flash Eurobarometer 366 (year: 2012). Both Surveys are part of the Urban Audit Perception Surveys.<br />2. It would also be very helpful to have data from the weeks when the survey fieldwork was carried out. Are there any city-level air pollution data from May 21, 2015 until June 09, 2015 and from November 15, 2012 to December 7, 2012?<br />3. Is it possible to link the city-level emissions data to the respective cities in the Urban Audit Perception Surveys, i.e. do city boundaries coincide?<br /><br />Any help would be really much appreciated. Thank you very much for your efforts.<br /><br />Yours faithfully,<br /><br />jho<br /><br />
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