Dear All,<br />I live nearby to a Landfill site in the south of the UK. The Landfill over the years has caused issues with noise and air pollution however over the past 9 months the smell from the site has become unbearable. The operator says this is due to unseasonal wet weather and a slow fill rate. Although they have been capping the open cell as they go they have stated there is nothing else they can do until the cell is full, closed and capped. Over the past six months my family and I have all started suffering ill health including an increase in respiratory infections, headaches, nausea, skin irritation, tiredness, lethargy, itchy eyes and nose and nosebleeds.<br />If you happen to be down wind of the site the smell is present at all times. I live upwind of the usual prevailing wind so my family get the lions share. The smell has been reported up to 2 1/2 miles from the site. The UK Environment Agency, the HSE, The District and County Councils all refuse to take any action against the operators stating only that the problem is intermittent and that the Operators have a previous exemplary record. We have contacted our local MP to attempt to get some weight behind our grievance. I have attached the Gas analysis from the EA for the site from March 2012 (before the issue escalated to being unbearable) I would be grateful for any comments on the quantities of these pollutants in relation to other sites across Europe.<br />Any help anyone could give would be appreciated.
cyn in