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anlaus Sep 12, 2016 02:06 AM
Dear all,

I am doing some research on emissions in urban areas os Spain and I would like to kindly ask if you have available the "1.a.3.b Road transpot annex file" emissions factor data but for all type of vehicles, equivalent to COPERT iV. I don't need the slope and load classifications, only the main factor for each vehicle type including if possible motorcycles, etc. For each cathegory, I would need :

Sector (i.e passenger car) - Subsegment (i.e Diésel <1,4 l) - Tecnology (i.e PC Euro 4 - 98/69/EC Stage2005) - Pollutant (NOx, CO2...) - ... and then the values and formulas, including speed as in the 1.A.3.b file.

Is there anywhere where I can find it? I have looked into the and I see there is some information on passenger cars under 1A3bi section and it represents well the cathegories I need for passenger cars, but unfortunately I need to be able to modify it by the speed factor.

Many thanks in advance for your support.

Best regards

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EEA Sep 21, 2016 10:31 AM
Dear anlaus,

We have forwarded your question to our expert and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Kind regards,
EEA Oct 03, 2016 02:57 PM
Dear anlaus,

Please try to use the EMEP/EEA emission inventory guidebook (that is presenting the COPERT methodology).


At page 65 , for example there are the formulas for calculating the emission factors for diesel passenger cars.

I hope this is helpful.

Kind regards,