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Ferrario70 I can't understand the difference between this 2 maps:
MAP 1 -
MAP 2 -[…]/up-to-date-air-quality-data
In MAP2 you have NOT data of PM10, how you can calculate, for the same time and date the AQI in MAP1 ???
Please let me understand the difference.
Best regards, Max Ferrario

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Jul 18, 2019 03:42 PM

rdubbeldeman Dear EEA,

I have an information request.
Could you please tell me what would be the correct EU ESD emissions for the year 2016. I found two different numbers on the EEA website on pages that have been updated around the same time.
The first source :
• ETS, ESD, LULUCF and aviation emission trends and projections, 1990-2035 (Last modified 30 Nov 2018)[…]viation-1#tab-based-on-data
• Displayed ESD emissions 2016: 2.540,71 mt
The second source:
• Greenhouse gas emissions under the Effort Sharing Decision (ESD) last modified 23 Nov 2019
• Displayed ESD emissions 2016: 2.554,99 mt
Both source seem to be updated fairly recently. So I would very much appreciate it if you could explain the difference and tell me what would be the correct ESD emission data for the EU.
Also, could you tell me when the ESD emission for the year 2017 will be known and published (not the proxy)?
Thank you in advance.
Best regards,

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Jul 15, 2019 04:25 PM

ecsliuhm Dear EEA team:
When I tried to download hourly Pm2.5 series of Brussel from, the request URL generated the following request http://fme.discomap.eea.eur[…]utput=TEXT&UpdateDate=.
However, after I clicked download, I did not receive any file list.

Could you please help me with this?

many thanks

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Feb 26, 2019 12:37 PM

madalina_isac Hi, guys!
I am living in a residential neighbourhood assigned to a commune just outside Bucharest, Romania. For the past 2+ months, we have been invaded by a strong chemical smell coming from the small lake that's at the border of our neighbourhood.
Ever since it started to smell, it grew stronger and stronger and the air has become unbreathable, it even enters the house with the doors and windows closed. although the smell persists throughout the day pretty subtly, it reaches alarming levels in the morning and in the evening.

People in the community have been contacting the Local Environmental Agency (the one for Ilfov county), the National Environmental Agency, we have written numerous claims and called the local authorities, and even messaged the media, but all we got from the environment agency for the past few weeks is that an investigation is in process.

This is very serious because the smell is so chemical and stingy that you feel that your nose is burning on the inside. I personally feel a sensation of vomiting if I do not cover my nose and I am not a sensitive person.

We know corruption is a big problem in our country and we are now afraid that whoever causes this massive air pollution is trying to hide it and stall the investigation. I cannot imagine otherwise as an inspector declared on television a while ago that the smell is not related to common to residual waters discharge in case they are happening.

Who else could we contact to in order to hurry the investigation and to make sure the source of this pollution is found and remove? What else can we do? Do you guys have any ideas?
We cannot live like this anymore, we cannot even open the windows in the morning and we are getting extremely worried.
Thank you.

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Feb 22, 2019 09:13 AM

KatrinGER Dear Sir or Madam, I have a question concerning Total Verified Emissions from avaiation in the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) data viewer:[…]/emissions-trading-viewer-1. Why did emissions from aviation fall that much from 2012 to 2013. Was there a different calculation method? Many thaks and kind regards Katrin

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Jan 11, 2019 10:53 AM

jho Dear Sir or Madam,

for my masters thesis, I'm seeking for data on air pollution in European cities. More specifically, I need emission concentrations for the 79 cities participating in the Urban Audit Perception Surveys, for instance the Flash Eurobarometer 419 (Quality of Life in European Cities 2015). I will gladly provide a list of the respective cities upon your request.

I've found some useful data under this link:[…]s-at-station#tab-statistics

However, in this dataset, only annual average emission concentration data is provided. Furthermore, data on certain pollutants is missing for many cities in the Urban Audit Perception Surveys. Also, I don't know how to varify if the city names provided in the dataset coincide with the city boundaries in the Urban Audit Perception Surveys.

What I need is:
1. Air pollution data for the 79 cities and the four greater urban areas which are participating in the Flash Eurobarometer 419 (year: 2015) and the Flash Eurobarometer 366 (year: 2012). Both Surveys are part of the Urban Audit Perception Surveys.
2. It would also be very helpful to have data from the weeks when the survey fieldwork was carried out. Are there any city-level air pollution data from May 21, 2015 until June 09, 2015 and from November 15, 2012 to December 7, 2012?
3. Is it possible to link the city-level emissions data to the respective cities in the Urban Audit Perception Surveys, i.e. do city boundaries coincide?

Any help would be really much appreciated. Thank you very much for your efforts.

Yours faithfully,


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Jan 07, 2019 03:56 PM

dparliar Good morning.
I would like to receive some extra information about the new European Air Quality Index, launched on November 2017 (
I am o PhD student and I would like to add this inew index to my study. Could you please provide me with any information availiable?

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Dec 11, 2018 11:03 AM