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madalina_isac Hi, guys!
I am living in a residential neighbourhood assigned to a commune just outside Bucharest, Romania. For the past 2+ months, we have been invaded by a strong chemical smell coming from the small lake that's at the border of our neighbourhood.
Ever since it started to smell, it grew stronger and stronger and the air has become unbreathable, it even enters the house with the doors and windows closed. although the smell persists throughout the day pretty subtly, it reaches alarming levels in the morning and in the evening.

People in the community have been contacting the Local Environmental Agency (the one for Ilfov county), the National Environmental Agency, we have written numerous claims and called the local authorities, and even messaged the media, but all we got from the environment agency for the past few weeks is that an investigation is in process.

This is very serious because the smell is so chemical and stingy that you feel that your nose is burning on the inside. I personally feel a sensation of vomiting if I do not cover my nose and I am not a sensitive person.

We know corruption is a big problem in our country and we are now afraid that whoever causes this massive air pollution is trying to hide it and stall the investigation. I cannot imagine otherwise as an inspector declared on television a while ago that the smell is not related to common to residual waters discharge in case they are happening.

Who else could we contact to in order to hurry the investigation and to make sure the source of this pollution is found and remove? What else can we do? Do you guys have any ideas?
We cannot live like this anymore, we cannot even open the windows in the morning and we are getting extremely worried.
Thank you.

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Feb 22, 2019 09:13 AM

pavla Hi, I would like to know what are the regulations for countries in European Union regarding heating with burning firewoods. I live in Slovenia and have exteme difficulties because regulations and law is suitable for people who use wet firewoods or especially tree branches.

I have about 8 months of extremely polluted air in a village where I live. We cannot open a window more than maybe an hour or two a day. Most people use type of firewoods that doesn't make big white or violet smoke, but there are always many neighbours who doesn't care for the quality of air and pollute entire village. They simply go to the forrest and get all branches they find and burn them every day for at least 8 months a year not just in cold winter days.

I would like to know since slovenian ministry for environment and spatial planing doesn't have any particular law regarding proper use of these firefoods and misuse of other elements, if there is any law in Europan Union that can solve this problem?

I think about moving to other place and selling the house but that shouldn't be the good choice because I realize that only people who don't care about environment have full priviliges for their quality of life and not the people who take care about fresh and clean air.

I know that emissions in our village greatly exceeds all permited concentration of PM10 particles because it's more than ten times worse than living in a cities.

Kindly let me know if there is any solution for this problem,
Thank you,

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Jan 08, 2018 10:40 AM