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Daniel_W For a research project, I need EU's F-gas emissions in terms of tons of substance.
What I found so far:
- F-gas emissions in t of CO2e, but lacking information about the average GWP used to calculate them (e.g. here:
- Figures about F-gas supply, production etc, which cannot easily be related to emissions (e.g. here: https://www.eea.europa.eu/[…]/fluorinated-greenhouse-gases-2019)
Can you tell me where I can find EU's F-gas emissions in terms of tons of substance? Alternatively, can I find somewhere the average GWP value used for conversion of F-gas emissions to CO2e (which I could use to back-calculate to tons of substance)?
Thank you and kind regards!

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Apr 08, 2020 10:22 AM

JBartels Hello, while working on a project I would like to visualize the WISE emissions database (https://www.eea.europa.eu/[…]/waterbase-emissions-7). In the database it says that the spatial type is 'euSubUnitCode', but if I try the WISE WFD reference spatial data sets (https://www.eea.europa.eu/[…]/wise-wfd-spatial-2) there are no SubUnit codes for UK - while there is data for the UK in the emission database. Where do I find the SubUnit database that includes the UK?

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Apr 03, 2020 03:43 PM
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Apr 03, 2020 02:11 PM

Daniel_W Hello,
when I make the following adjustments in the GHG Viewer (
https://www.eea.europa.eu/[…]/greenhouse-gases-viewer), the percentages add up to more than 100%:
- Greenhouse Gas: CO2
- Predefined view: Emissions share by sector in the EU28
Kind regards,

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Apr 02, 2020 11:35 AM

TheSaviorMessiah Global Warming, Planet Temperature Rising Is Like Road Traffic Congestion

Source: https://theworld.data.blog/2020/01/20/global-warming-planet-temperature-rising-is-like-road-traffic-congestion/

That is the most simplify, easiest example & comparison with global warming or temperature rising of planet Earth.

What you are seeing on the media about Global Warming, Climate Change is not the full picture of what happening on Earth, but just a tiny one.

What happen when traffic congestion happen on the street?

More car, motorbike. And the total temperature on the street at that time is always higher than the temperature when is not have the congestion. Why? Because the total fuel using when the congestion is higher, simple as that.

In order for you to fully understand the big problem why global warming is happening, then you just need to study the subject road traffic congestion and use your brain to link to the environment problem.

The road traffic congestion happen because of 2 reasons:

– One is because of too much vehicles like car, motorbikes, etc.

– Two is because the road to small, to little space for the vehicles running.

That is the main problems, but you can say car could run too small, or the road is bad but in the end what you should care the most is above two reasons.

When you link to global warming subject, it pretty much the same:

– The first is relate to CO2 subject, but not because of too much CO2 like the media are talking but the reverse, too little CO2.

– The second reason I will keep at secret, you must find out by yourself. I am not allowed to tell it for free here. You if you have will you will easily finding out.

The media are talking bullshit just too get attention or for whatever reason only they known.

If too much CO2 is the problem, then why after the volcano Tambora eruption in 1815 the temperature was decrease significant, remember there was a lot of CO2 and stronger than CO2 chemical came out after that.

There is no doubt that temperature raising will lead to ice melting, thus sea level rising.

But not only that, it is also trigger many volcano eruption soon for they like nuclear plant.

You can do your own research about what happened about Tambora volcano eruption, then mutiply 10 times bigger, then you will you have the answer. But that just the estimate, you cannot know what is real unless you face that in real life.

I do not want to scare anybody, but the Bible revelation already predicted at least 1/3 of humans will die once that event happen.

But that just the Bible predicted, the final outcome could be worse or better than that is depend on humanity.

As a completed qualified gamer of this Earth game, I can say it is easy to reserve it but the time is limited. If the Bible said the event would come at around 03/03/2021, then humanity must act before that at least 1 year, which is must before 03/03/2020. Otherwise, there is no more chance.

Here is no act in wrong direction like what happening, but must the right direction with nature & universe language.

I am happy to show you the way, show you the right direction, but I am not allowed to give it for free. What I was asking is just little worthless cryptocurrency backed by air, not gold crystal, not control over people of any nation or whatever other object.

Many masters, gurus who have lived over 200 years old on this planet even compare this to a prison planet. But "no pain no gain", but too much pain could lead to the end.

But what is the perfect enough fire?

I am the one who have the perfect answer for that.

You must open your eyes, do not become the antichrist who are refusing to verify to talk to admit their mistake and change to the right direction. At the end of the day, there are only 2 results: Go With God or Vanished For Go Against God. There is no any other result than that.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Anyname

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Apr 01, 2020 05:32 PM

Daniel_W Hello,

I have a question regarding reported EU greenhouse gas emissions (which can be found under

Data are reported in terms of CO2 equivalents (CO2e). What are the Global Warming Potential (GWP) values with which these values were calculated? Were they calculated with the same GWP value for all years?

Thank you very much and kind regards,

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Apr 01, 2020 10:52 AM

Ieva Hi! I live in a town, in a EU member state.

I strongly feel that the decisions made by our local government are swiftly destroying the abundant nature that used to surround us before the town started expanding. Also, I see that they are disregarding the needs of our citizens, concerning the green and quiet areas that are necessary for our health and ability to jog, hike and walk our pets.

Instead, they are focused on making money off the lands, overly exploiting the natural habitats and selling the existing green territories to private owners who then cut the trees down and make their lawns.

Previously, the wildlife in our town was thriving because the nature areas were largely neglected and there are several wildlife sanctuaries in the neighboring regions from where the species migrated here. I do not believe that anyone has ever bothered to even survey the species and determine their status of conservation and their needs for habitat, accordingly.

The increased human activity has also contributed to an UNBELIEVABLE increase in air pollution. It sometimes hurts to breathe and I often suffer from headaches and stomach-aches due to the quality of air, but the town officials clear out the trees and shrubbery en masse and allow to do so to any other larger property owners.

This is not a wealthy town and most people here work in the factories and supermarkets, or the large schools and hospitals. They are not the people to know their rights or to complain about the lack of nurture because they are used to physically demanding conditions and they know better than to antagonize their 'superiors'. You don't demand something that you have no experience of.

Our state government authorities show extreme unwillingness to consider my observations and arguments and I even have to fight to stop people from burning trash in their private households which is a clear violation of law.

Last fall, two policemen were sent to my home to 'speak to my father' (I am 32 years old, female) and to demand of me to stop bothering the town officials with 'my many personal problems' (I was sending them e-mails, indicating environmental and animal rights issues, and social issues in our town that they keep ignoring or participate in carrying out).

I want to know how to get heard and how to protect myself. Are there any EU level organizations where I could seek support? Thank you kindly, Ieva

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Mar 31, 2020 10:11 AM

snav BUG in API;
I'tried to scrape data you provide and I'm afraid I've spotted a bug there. (using:
http://discomap.eea.europa.eu/map/fme/AirQualityExport.htm) With the option TimeCoverage set to Last7Days it gives me a week from 2.1.2020 till 8.1.2020, which is weird, because the current data can actually be seen on viewer (http://maps.eea.europa.eu/UTDViewer/) Is there any workaround?
Thanks in advance for response and have a nice day,


and additional query which covers data till 21.3.2020:

I tried to play also with Year_from, Year_to and Source options but no other combination gives the current data...

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Mar 31, 2020 09:15 AM