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dpopa I need clarification in relation to the following studies published on EEA’s website:
“Specific CO2 emissions per tonne-km and per mode of transport in Europe, 1995-2009” :

and “Specific CO2 emissions per tonne-km and per mode of transport in Europe, 1995-2011”: http://www.eea.europa.eu/[…]/specific-co2-emissions-per-tonne-1
 In the figure referring to 1995-2009 period, the inland navigation was close to railway in terms of CO2 emissions, while in the second figure referring to 1995-2011 period, the inland navigation emissions are close to road emissions. The second figure reflect changes not only for the last two years, but for the entire period starting 1995. For example, the level for road emissions in the first figure was over 120 g/tkm each year until 2009, while in the second figure, for the same years have lower levels: between 80 and 100 g/tkm .
The difference might be the result of an error, or it can as well be something related to calculation methodology (in which case we would like to understand the rationale behind it). Any opinions? Many Thanks,

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