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DanteMaschio doubts about the reported data on the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (UWWTD)


I am working on a database based on the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (UWWTD) data reported by the EU Member States. Here there are some doubts I can not solve with the information available on the EEA website.

General questions:
- Can we understand Individual Appropriate System (IAS) as an on-site treatment?
- According to the descriptions of the updated tables on the web now the number of real inhabitants is reported in the agglomeration table. However these data are not up to date. It will be available?

In relation to some tables:
1. T_UWWTPs:
(uwwloadentering) Is there a possibility to have the influence flow in m3 /d?
(uwwstate) How can I understand the inactive and temporarily inactive state for each uwwtps point?
(uwwdateclosing and uwwendlife) Could I understand that records prior to the current date are points that are no working now?
(uwwotherteatment) Which is the difference between Tertiary treatment (UV, Cl, O3,…) and Other – more stringent treatment?
(uwwperformance) How can I understand the Not Relevant registers?

2. T_agglomerations
(agglstate) How can I understand the inactive or temporarily inactive state for each agglomeration?
(aggendlife) What it meant that an agglomeration has reached its end of life?

3. T_UWWTPAgglom
When it is an imperative to report the relationship UWWTPs:Agglomeration?

4. T_UWWdischargepoints
(dcpstate) How can I understand the inactive and temporarily inactive state of a discharge point?

5. T_UWWemissionload:
Why there is so little information about the polluting charges (BOD, COD, TSS) that come in and out of UWWTPs?

I would also be useful if you can send me the Spanish contact who report and work on the data related to this directive.



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ecsliuhm Dear EEA team:
When I tried to download hourly Pm2.5 series of Brussel from
http://discomap.eea.europa.eu/map/fme/AirQualityExport.htm, the request URL generated the following request http://fme.discomap.eea.eur[…]utput=TEXT&UpdateDate=.
However, after I clicked download, I did not receive any file list.

Could you please help me with this?

many thanks

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Jan 18, 2016 11:01 AM

Vick Issue with the Air Indicator Downloading Service - days with few or no data

Hello EEA team,

We usually use the web service at the URL
with our own token, and we have noticed that some days the web service gives only an empty file as if they were no new measurement over the world for those days.

For example, we have no data from 2015-08-07 until now (2015-08-11).
We also had no data from 2015-07-16 to 2015-07-18.
Some other days seems to have only few data, like on 2015-07-15.

Why is there some days with no data, some days with few data ?
If it's a technical problem, will it be fixed soon ?


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Iriasomozap Good afternoon, my name is Iria Somoza Paz. I am a high school student, but with the same interest in this moment to almost all the inhabitants of Galicia (Spain).
Recently it has been approved a mining project in our precious land. Foreign mining companies are going to extract approximately 34 tons of gold from our soil, and when this work is finished they will leave. But what benefits do we get from this proposal?
-392 Acres destroyed.
-4300 Tons of cyanide used during operation
-8400 Tons of arsenic
-17 Tons of contaminated waste
-Sludge with heavy metals that pollute our waters (seas, rivers and aquifers)
-Sterile soils which will not recover in hundreds of years
-Air pollution and desiccation
-Inhabitants-fatal diseases, poisoning, increased risk of cancer by 800%, and birth defects.
Currently they will begin to operate a mine, but it is planned to operate another six more. These mines are located near nature reserves and villages such as Fragas do Eume (internacionaly known), Fonsagrada, Zas, A Coruña, Santa Comba, and Pontevedra.
Our environmental government has accepted the proposal without a previous study of the environmental consequences that this would have on behalf of businesses. Please, it is not our fault to have incompetent politicians. We are witnessing a brutal economic crisis because of their bad policy approaches, and now they want to take the only thing we have left: our nature, our biodiversity, OUR OWN HEALTH AND OUR OWN LIFE!
On our one we can not stop this catastrophe, we need international support. Make this news public, give people the opportunity to sign at:
http://change.org/salvemosgalicia (we need thousands of signatures), and watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQvms6lmYec . It would be great that international environmental organizations and press would support us, and collaborate with Seraphim, the leader of this campaign. We need to let the world know what is happening in Galicia and we need help now. Thank you for your attention. Together we can stop this disaster.

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chhwang Dear Sir or Maddam,

Thanks for your help in advance.

I read the EEA Monitoring Co2 report (summary of data for 2013) which is published EEA.

Among the report, I saw that Data (Registraion,Mass, Co2 etc.) of Norway/Croatia in the appexdix data book for reference.

But as I know, the regulation 443/2009 which will be applied in 2014 is only for EU counties (not EFTA like Norway).

So I'm wonder whether Co2 emission of Passenger Cars which sold in Norway will be counted for regulation 443/2009 from future (2015?).

I'll waiting kind answer about it.


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