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busingy We have recently signed an MoU with the Subnational Kingdom of Buganda (the Buganda kingdom). In the link on the map, you will see the areas to cover.
Our catchment i.e. where we are supposed to be picking garbage from e.g. Buganda alone ( ) has not less than six million people; according to Wikipedia, working for 500,000 households is achievable.
We are currently working with Kampala city council authority (KCCA) under the PPP of the concessionaire of one of KCCA divisions that was given to Homeklin (we will send you a copy of the mou we signed with Homeklin). Justcleanit was subcontracted by Homeklin to operate in Bukasa parish of makindye division; here we are talking of about 10,000 households including slums, this is in one parish alone.
In Kira municipality of Wakiso District; as justcleanit we were given kireka ward of Namugongo division to collect all their waste to the landfill; the target population of about 50,000 households.
Kira Municipality; under the zoning programme contracted
1. Bin-It for Kira Division
2. Justcleanit for kireka ward of Namugongo Division
3. Green Hope for Kyaliwajala ward of Namugongo Division
4. GreenTrac for Bweyogerere Division
To do the following;
to carry out the programme of Zero Waste in respective Divisions under Procurement Ref No: Kira 781/srvs/2017-2018/00024.
The company’s activities include;
i Sensitization and mobilization of communities, Institutions and individual units including the slums to handle, store and dispose of their refuse in accordance with the solid waste management ordinance.
ii Collect all refuse that is generated to Zero waste level.
iii Transport refuse to designated land fill and any other related functions that will be communicated from time to time.
Given the expertise of justcleanit in the field of waste management; GreenTrac which was given Bweyogerere Division approached Justcleanit to help them do the work of their division (we have an mou to this effect), the population of Bweyogerere Division alone cannot go below 100,000 people.
Kira municipality authorized the four (4) companies to operate a pilot project to send out feelers in the communities that had mostly been infested with illegal ways of disposing off waste, however, we are still lacking things like; garbage trucks, we have to keep subcontracting.

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