We must stop the plastic consumption / usage as it is. Have you ever thought about the plastic you use, or don’t really use that ends on your garbage or recycle bin? <br />I’ve started separating my garbage almost two years ago, not as long as I would like, after I woke up to the environment crisis we’re facing.<br />When sorting my garbage, my biggest surprise, wasn’t the amount of garbage that I produced, rather the amount of plastic garbage I produced. Plastic is nowadays present in almost anything anyone buys, and its usage is encourage every time you buy. To illustrate this problem I’m going to make a list of all the products that have in most of the cases plastic involved:<br />Let’s start by the bathroom<br />Shampoo<br />Tooth paste <br />Showering Gel<br />Tooth brush<br />Cosmetics<br />Hair brush<br />Even the shower is made out of plastic....This are just a few I quickly can remember of. Passing to Hell, the kitchen nightmare:<br />Almost all the food from yogurts, to cheese, butter, cereal, bread, etc, etc, etc even veggies (which many times come inside plastic bags or plastic cases) - a completely utterly madness of plastic - most of which isn’t used!!<br />Cases <br />Sometimes the disposable forks, knives, plates, glasses….<br />Water from small to the big bottles <br />.........This must end!<br />Plastic is a curse, killing animals, polluting the oceans, the beaches... <br />I've tried to warn my countries Government, but didn't get an answer, so I would like to know if it is possible to legislate through EEA this specific problem.
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