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MDeSilva3DPARS Nov 09, 2018 07:55 AM
- Unmanned/Autonomous Technologies For Air, Land Lock Water Resources & Oceans Protection and Production Initiative
The objective is to develop unmanned/autonomous technologies for aiding Land Lock Water Resource & ocean protection and production. The technologies will be developed, tested and evaluated in collaboration with multiple partners by bringing together groups of experts from different fields. The work will involve using existing commercially available technological capabilities or technological capabilities that are ready for licensing from federal, academic and industry labs, which have not yet been applied for ocean protection and production. The technologies of interest may already be used in space commerce and space exploration applications or in military operations. The technological capabilities will be evaluated and then selected for their potential and their ability for being adapted for ocean protection and production. The technological capabilities will be translated by designing and engineering prototypes, testing, and evaluation of the technology prototypes. The engineering of prototypes may be from sustainable material and will involve using 3D printing and advanced robotics capabilities that are being used in manufacturing. The testing and evaluation of prototypes will be conducted that include the evaluation of the technological ability to monitor and sustain ocean production and on the ability to maintain ocean protection that may involve in bioremediation and other innovative mechanisms of ocean pollution removal. Implementing this commitment would mean that we will not only be able to support the blue economy, but also support education and training of the next generation on innovative technologies to protect our ocean. Find out more information at https://oceanconference.un.org/commitments/?id=23654
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