To whom it may concern, <br />I am Jaehyeon Ryu, research scientist, National Institute of Forest Science in <br /><br />Republic of Korea.<br />I am gething some information which is related to 'EU Timber Regulation'<br /><br />I have questions about EUTR during searching these information.<br />I've known that you are European Environment Agency dealing with environment and <br /><br />sustainable development etc.<br /><br />Q1. Is there Expert of EUTR in EEA?<br />Q2. Is Asking to EEA a right way to approach the information of EUTR?<br />Q3. Especially, the interesting part is a operation part of EUTR(including How <br /><br />it works and Operational setback)<br /><br />I need thoes information for our researches which is ralated to develpoing <br /><br />policy to prohibit illegal timber trade in Korea.<br /><br />I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.<br />Thanks and Regards<br /><br />Jaehyeon Ryu
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