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morris Jul 11, 2016 12:23 PM
Right now ECOLOGICAL DISASTER is going on in the natural reserve in Poltava region in Ukraine!!! Help is urgently needed. Tonnes of unknown chemicals were thrown into Sula river. All fish and ducks are dead and floating on the water surface. We, people, who live here, don't know what to do. The authorities don't do anything. Its been for a week. One of TV channels came to film it, here is the link to the video: http://abzats.novy.tv/[…]/
   Its in Ukrainian, but you will see how the river looks now. Ecological inspection doesn't reply to our calls and letters. Please, help!
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EEA Jul 11, 2016 02:08 PM
Hello morris,
Please be aware that European environmental legislation is beyond the EEA's working remit. The EEA neither sets nor enforces environmental policies and we do not have any powers of investigation related to the issue you raise. Unfortunately we are not able to help you. Hopefully you will be able to direct your concerns to local NGOs/environmental societies. Kind regards.
morris Jul 13, 2016 09:23 AM
Is it possible to have an independent test of the water? We already forwarded many letters to NGOs and authorities, but no result yet.
EEA Jul 15, 2016 09:33 AM
Not by us, unfortunately. As said, we do not have a mandate for providing legal or technical assistance for complaints relating to environmental legislation, and therefore no powers of investigation related to environmental concerns like the one you raise. You may wish to try to contact the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), as it is a globally acting organisation addressing environmental issues http://www.unep.org/
We also sent you an email. Kind regards.