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Ashitaka Jan 10, 2020 04:55 PM
Regarding an article published on your website: The EU Emissions Trading System in 2019: trends and projections, and especially Figure 3 - EEA outlook of the supply and demand of allowances until 2030, I was wondering if there was no mistake in the computation of the TNAC
TNAC = Supply -Demand - allowance in MSR. For TNAC (2019) I wonder how you get 1.4billion t where TNAC(2018) =1.65billiont + Sypply(2019) 1.4billion t - Demand(2019) 1.55 billion t - 0.7 billion t in MSR (0.4 from Withheld volumes in 2019 and 0.3blillion t from the 0.9 billion t of backloaded volumes 2014-2016, supposed to be released in the MSR in 2019-2020). I get roughly 0.8billion t for TNAC(2019).

I my missing something
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