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sasrai Mar 20, 2012 08:15 AM
If we like to express ourselves from deep of heart, it is bitter but reality that people in power, running after power and sharer of power undone before producer, profiteer. May be this is the hard fact for the earth’s history. Presently there is no chance to think that it would change easily. If we look back anyone could visualize the depiction that tells us greed of few people vanished total.

Could we start our earth savior program from other side? We could involve mass people to be responsible, do as best as possible finally raising their voice for adaptation, instead of urging by few rational individual, institution or expert from different country. To substantiate the thought we must need significant change in mindset among all preferably youth group. If they are tuned “To ensure Rights for all save a bit, reserve, preserve, conserve resources. Let’s achieve significant change in mindset, behavior and attitude combat Climate Crisis, Reduce Risk & Poverty, save Bio-diversity – Peace for Humanity —Way to Combat Climate Crisis, save Bio-diversity, Reduce Risk of Humanity.”
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sasrai Mar 20, 2012 08:17 AM
Since 2003 we group of people from all sector of life working on this and response is very positive specially children/youth/students. Ok we shall do yearly gathering for adaptation and its solution head, concurrently we will be keen to involve mass people and each would contribute for the sake of environment. In every corner of globe people will raise voice
• Please, save a drop of water daily, during all water related activities
• Please, plant at least a Native tree annually at own home or community