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damokaa Feb 02, 2013 08:36 PM

I am a mature student, in my final degree year of Construction Management at Limerick Institute of Technology. For my dissertation I have chosen to do do a feasibility study on a 1-2 Mw DH system in a section of a town in western Ireland. I have held an interview with Pat Stephens, Manager Limerick Clare Energy Agency. Who has given me the tools to work with and I am getting more than interested in this sector.
For now I am am trying to look for similar projects in Europe etc. to send a questionnaire to fulfilling that side of my dissertation I have a number to date but will require more. Also if I could ask you for some relevant questions to ask in my dissertation questionnaire you might think of significance, that would be great. If you can be of any assistance I would be more than grateful.

Kind Regards,
Damien Kavanagh
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EEA Feb 13, 2013 04:38 PM
Hi Damien, unfortunately, the EEA does not have the capacity to guide or supervise individual students. However, if any specific questions about EEA products (reports, environmental data, articles, etc.) come up during your research, you are very welcome to come back to us with these. Br, EEA