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Timo Nov 12, 2019 12:51 PM
Hi guys!

I've just read in a book that in 2013, 'intra-EU aviation emissions represent 2% as a share of all EU transport emissions.'. They reference you and your greenhouse gas data viewer as source.

I believe the authors were confused by the fact that on your GHG viewer, you separate 'domestic' from 'international' aviation emissions. Domestic emissions represented in 2013 15,391m tCO2 while international emissions represented 134,731tCO2.

However, in the ETS data viewer, the amount of emissions for intra-EEA emissions was 53,485m tCO2 in 2013.

Could you please provide me with your definition of 'domestic aviation'? Do they represent domestic aviation emissions of each EU MS or do they represent intra-EU emissions? If I do the maths, intra-EEA aviation emissions (from the ETS data viewer) actually represent 6% as a share of EU transport emissions (excluding international shipping and aviation).

Thank you very much for your answer! Please let me know if my question was not clear!

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EEA Nov 15, 2019 03:47 PM
Dear Timo,

Thank you for contacting the European Environment Agency (EEA).
Your enquiry was forwarded to our experts and we are awaiting their feedback.

Thank you for your patience.

With kind regards,
EEA Enquiry Service
Timo Nov 17, 2019 10:36 PM
Alright no worries! Thanks a lot!
EEA Nov 20, 2019 03:17 PM
Dear Timo,

Thank you for your patience.

You may find the definitions, including on domestic aviation, at the following links:

- Definitions applicable for the GHG Viewer, please see https://www.ipcc-nggip.iges.or.jp/[…]/V2_3_Ch3_Mobile_Combustion.pdf, see page 57ff
- Definition applicable for the EU ETS Viewer, please see stop the clock decision of the Commission https://ec.europa.eu/[…]/MEMO_12_854 and background info of the EEA https://www.eea.europa.eu/[…]/trends-and-projections-EU-ETS-2016, page 66

As regards your question : 'Do they represent domestic aviation emissions of each EU MS or do they represent intra-EU emissions?'

The EU decided to limit the coverage of the EU ETS to emissions from all flights within the European Economic Area (EEA) – see stop the clock decision (above).
In the GHG inventory of the European Union for the UNFCCC, only emission from domestic flights (within the same country) are reported (IPCC category 1.A.3.a). International flights from one EU-MS to another EU Member State or to a Non-EU-country are reported as a Memo item in the EU GHG inventory to the UNFCCC and therefore not part of the national or EU28 totals. Intra-EU flights (from one EU-MS to another EU-MS) can not be distinguished in the GHG viewer international flights category (1.D.1.a).

So a comparison between both viewers is not really possible.

We hope that this may be useful to you.

With kind regards,
EEA Enquiry Service
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