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pagliasofia Nov 09, 2015 06:20 PM
Hello, on page 5 of the EEA Report No 10/2006 "Urban sprawl in Europe The ignored challenge", it is stated that "More than a quarter of the European Union's territory has now been directly affected by urban land use". Even if in the following paragraph more clarifications are offered, the expression is unfortunate because by the term "affected" one does not clearly understand in which ways the European Union's territory is affected, and alsp one may easily conclude that 1/4 of the European Union's territory is occupied by urban land use! (which I ensure you I have heard around...). Indeed, a quick look to the EEA's land viewer (http://www.eea.europa.eu/[…]/land-accounts) already discards this misinterpretation. So I am writing you to know 1) In which ways the authors of the report intended that urban land use affects "More than a quarter of the European Union's territory", and 2) if it is possible to release an errata corrige to specify this sentence (or, better, a new, updated report). I will be waiting for your kind news, and thank you very much in advance for your help and support, sofia p.
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EEA Nov 18, 2015 04:56 PM
Dear pagliasofie,

Our experts confirm that 25% of cells are affected by urban land use. A cell is affected when its smoothed urban density is at least 5 % of urban. We are using a smoothing method with a radius 5 km.

I hope this information is useful to you.

kind regards,