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arno Oct 03, 2016 02:19 PM
Hello, I tried to import the Europe_coastline.shx on Postgis from :[…]/europe-coastline-shapefile
but it doesn't work, whereas there is no problem for Europe_coastline_poly.shx of the same folder. I am wondering whether the file is corrupted or uncomplete...could you please help me find a solution ?
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EEA Oct 04, 2016 09:52 AM
We tried to download and open the file inside ArcGis and FME inspector. Both files open in both products. The Europe_coastline_shapefile is one big single line. We are not sure how PostGis works but you might reach a memory limitation on your machine. Maybe this could help you:[…]rge-shapefile-into-postgis. Kind regards.
arno Oct 06, 2016 09:26 AM
Thank you for your prompt answer ! As a matter of fact, I don't think that it is coming from a memory limitation because the Europe_coastline_poly.shx of the same folder has almost the same size and doesn't produce the crash on Postgis (it really crashes, dark screen and all the stuff). Otherwise, I agree with you considering the one-lined file, it must definitely come from this, as Postgis is certainly implemented differently from the other SGBD softwares.
I really need the content of that file on PostgreSQL, so I'm gonna try to extract it from the shapefile on another tool and maybe copy it next. Thank you, anyway !