Hello,<br />&nbsp;I would like to download timeseries of air quality data from all stations in selected urban areas (E1,E2) (e.g. from here <a href="http://discomap.eea.europa.eu/map/fme/AirQualityExport.htm" rel="nofollow">http://discomap.eea.europa.eu/map/fme/AirQualityExport.htm</a>). <br />Therefore I would like to get all SamplingPoint within selected urban areas and generate the URL. <br />How should I join the several metadata available to get all the SamplingPoint for an urban area?<br />- Should I match the metadata provided in <a href="https://ereporting.blob.core.windows.net/downloadservice/metadata.csv" rel="nofollow">https://ereporting.blob.core.windows.net/[&hellip;]/metadata.csv</a> with the Air quality zones in dataflow B? I can't find a way to join them. <br />- In the metadata in Dataflow D there is only the name of the Network, little information on the Geographical name.<br /><br />Any help is appreciated, Thanks!<br />Alessandro
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