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konfucyus Nov 20, 2013 03:12 PM
I won a scholar ship from my government in 2012 to continue my master education in Japan about '' Geographic Information systems and Remote sensing and spatial database setup'' .
In my master project I will try to build new GIS and RS models. I need some specific data for my project. In Turkey Corine project is made from period of 1990-2006. I want to use Corine's Satellite Images ( Landsat, IRS, Spot4) and Corine maps with citing. Can I use this data in my project with citing ? This data really specific and I need this data. This is very very important point for me. Could you give me some information about can I use this data or not ? An also where can I take this data? Where I need to be ask to take this data.Thank You in advance. Have a Nice day;
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EEA Nov 21, 2013 04:44 PM
Hi Konfucyus,
For the landsat stuff, one has a good starting point at:

For the data used for CLC, there's only the 2000 series of images that are accessible through viewing at:

For the other years, license conditions were more restrictive, and therefore one would need to have proof of use either by FP7 projects or national public authorities, and then register first on the ESA GMES data warehouse page before getting access:

Hopefully you will find this information useful.