Good morning. My name is Koutelidakis Konstantinos and I am a postgraduate student at the Hellenic Open University. In my diploma thesis, I study the participation of Greek citizens in recycling (<a href="" rel="nofollow">[&hellip;]/viewform</a>).<br />In addition to developing the questionnaire, the diploma thesis will include 1 multi-criteria study for which, I would like your help. So I would ask you for any of the criteria you have data, to fill in the corresponding cell, in order to find out what is the best economic policy for increasing recycling in Greece. <br /><a href=";postId=3578063891292602455&amp;type=POST" rel="nofollow">https://recyclingmulticreti[&hellip;]3891292602455&amp;type=POST</a><br />Thank you very much <br />Yours sincerely<br />Koudelidakis Konstantinos<br /><br />
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