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HSato Jun 25, 2012 08:00 PM
Dear sirs:

I would like to use the video titled "Planet RE:think" in my MBA courses, but I can't download it until the end. Could EEA send me a file though my e-mail or via a DVD?
Thanks a lot,

Hazime Sato
Rua Dom Hnerique, 149
04032-120 São Paulo

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demarinis Jun 26, 2012 09:43 AM
Dear Hazime Sato,

What tool did you use to download the film with? on which url?

The film is available in full length on our vimeo account at http://vimeo.com/44248559#

There are several tools that let you download vimeo videos, one of these is just a website (www.savevideo.me), so no need to install anything on your pc.
in the website below
enter the url of the vimeo video, in our case http://vimeo.com/44248559#

you will get a couple of links, choose "save as" on one of the link.

I hope the above will help.
If not let us know.

Kind regards