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viiincent Jul 04, 2018 07:16 PM
Dear EEA,

can you provide me with some details about the calculation of CO2 emission by aircraft here:

Let's say that 285g of CO2 means consuming 90 g of fuel per km and pax.
At 88 pax that's 7962 g per km.
At the average speed between turboprop and jet, about 320 kts, that is roughly 600 km/h, it would mean the fuel consumption is 4.8 tons per hour?
That is a fuel consumption of a large jet for 300+ people, not 88...
Both Boeing and Airbus advertise their large aircraft are capable of flying for less than 4liters of kerosene per pax and 100km. (That is, 4*810/100 = 32.4g of fuel per pax and km)
Can you please clarify the methodology of your calculations?

Thank you,
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EEA Jul 06, 2018 12:58 PM
Dear Petr,
As stated on the page you are referring to, the specific CO2 emissions per mode are estimates and based on TRACCS modelling data and the TERM 027 indicator, which has been archived and is due for revision this year.
The specification of the indicator is available here: https://www.eea.europa.eu/[…]/. An update of the indicator based on real RPK and emission inventory data should become available later this year.
Best regards