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DigitalDisconnect Non-ionising Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Radiation (RFR) vs. Health and Environmental Concerns

Dear Professor Hans Bruyninckx and colleagues,

I write to you today to enquire on behalf of my local/organisational community, as well the broader European community of nations. I do so as a member of Digital Disconnect: a voluntary organisation established in order to promote the safe and sustainable use of Digital Age technology.

A decade has passed since the Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR) reported on possible adverse health effects of human/animal exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs), aka ‘dirty energy’ and ‘electrosmog’. At that juncture, they “identified priority areas where there was insufficient or contradictory information regarding possible adverse health impacts and recommended further research” (1).

As your organisation stated, around the same time: "harmful exposures can be widespread before there is both 'convincing' evidence of harm from long-term exposures, and biological understanding of how that harm is caused" (2).

“No epidemiologic studies on children are available” yet, in the EEA’s own words (mirroring those of ICNIRP [3]), “children could be particularly vulnerable to radiofrequency [RF] EMF” (1). In other words: relevant organs of the EU have not expedited such research, and encouraged constituent member environmental and public health authorities to pursue such research, as a matter of priority. One has to wonder why, when this is a matter critical to the health and vitality of the next generation of young people (who are, incidentally, by now heavy users of microwave RF technology).

I look forward to your considered response.


A concerned citizen

1. Environment and human health (EEA, 2013)
2. Radiation risk from everyday devices assessed (EEA, 2007)

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AND to European Environmental Agency for PREVENTION & CIVIL PROTECTION...

To: U.N.,I.C.C.’Prosecutor,International “atomic”(NUCLEAR!!!!) Energy,EURATOM,
European Authorities, Embassies of Nations, Interpol,Eurojust,Europol,Others…
Πρός τις Εισαγγελείες[Α.Π.+Εφετών+Πρωτοδικών] των Αθηνών+Ε.Υ.Π.+Ελλην. Αστυνομία+και Αλλους....
Και Σχετικόν της Μήνυσης μου πρός την Εισαγγελεία Πρωτοδικών Αθηνών Γ2015/799
Special c.c. : 1) Embassy of France in Greece 2) Canadian Embassy in Greece
             3) Royal Embassy of Netherlands in Greece 4) U.S.A. Embassy in Greece

From: Joseph-Christos Kondylakis,Nuclear Physicist/specialized in Nuclear FISSION (Applied+Theoretically) & with holistic perception in many sciences+technologies,
Former Assistant Technical Supervisor in the Nuclear Generation Division of “Ontario Hydro” in Canada and former Manager of Systems Design & Development in Canada, Mikras Asias 13, Agios Nikolaos , Anavissou, 19013 Attiki, Greece,
Tel+Fax:+30-22910-55275 , Tuesday-30-June-2015

Your ref: 1)
https://semfe.gr/forum/viewforum.php?f=21 2)the book “NUCLEAR ENERGY LEADERSHIP: Lessons Learned from U.S. Operators” by Mary Jo Rogers , 2013

A. The Nuclear Human!!! Factor is the FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cause in ALL!!! SEVERE Nuclear Accidents and in almost ALL Nuclear Accidents…
B. In initial extremely fast “look” inside the book with title “Nuclear Energy Leadership: Lessons Leaned from U.S. Operators” by Mary Jo Rogers,2013 our attention is focused in its page 95 in the Fig 7-1 “TYPICAL!!! Nuclear Power site Organizational structure-Senior Manager”…and Thinking in this TYPICAL!!!!!!!!!!! Organization structure of Nuclear Plants in U.S.A. & elsewhere(copying U.S.A.,etc) we consider this TYPICAL!!!! Organization structure of Nuclear plants HUGE!!! PROBLEM IN INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR SAFETY….
WHY?,BECAUSE in this Nuclear Organization structure is MISSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The MOST CRITICAL!!!!!!!! Entity in The NUCLEAR SAFETY the ESSENCE!!!!!!!!!! of its Principles,Theories,Practices of Operations of a Nuclear System the PHYSICS!!!!!!!!!! Division Directorate(Director)!!!....with suggested its Managers in its lower Organization structures as 1) General Physics[Theoretical & Applied] Manager, 2) Nuclear Physics & Nuclear FISSION Manager , 3) Thermodynamic & Fluids Physics Manager , 3) Electronic Physics & Informatics Physics Manager , 4) Explosion Protection Physics & Chemistry Manager…S.O.S….S.O.S…S.O.S…S.O.S…S.O.S…S.O.S…S.O.S…S.O,S…
The most probable reasons for this HUGE!!! NUCLEAR UNSAFETY PROBLEMS we Think is the LACK!!! of Critical Specialized Qualifications in TOP!!! Management in Nuclear Systems that usually have the “qualification” of…navy, car dealers, finance,Political connections, E.T.C…S.O.S.
S.N.: To me, personally “They” create Huge! Problems so NOT to contribute to International Nuclear Safety as Very Much Delaying(More! than half of year) to receive my financial income , Stopping me to buy books from International Internet bookstores(my Visa credit card is blocked), E.T.C.,…S.O.S…

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