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Zach Hello, in this map of green urban areas ([…]/exposure) , the green urban areas numbers (percentages) are containing the whole (parks, trees etc.) green of the city or the major green of the city (only parks) .
Thanks in advance.

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Valentina ATTN to international organizations, media and community - NGOs initiative Vs Energy Policies in Montenegro
Dear Sirs,
My name is Valentina Perovic and I am a representative of NGO Developers Office Montenegro.
Our NGO supports an initiative proposed by NGO Perucica - against devastation of nature in the north of Montenegro, all in the favor of building power plants. Attached you can find official statement of NGO and its addressing to Embassies, asking them to support the action.

If you have any questions regarding our NGO`s field of work or this particular problem, feel free to ask, both NGOs` teams would be delighted to discuss this issue with you.

We will make website with photos and videos very soon.

We want to bring this to the attention of the international media and international community! We believe this is a way of putting pressure on the government which has not been uses often enough so far.
" If there is something the government here is really afraid of it is negative international media coverage."

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Valentina Perovic

and representatives of NGO Perucica:
Milutin Koco Kocanovic ( and
Milan Mane Kastratovic,
Dear Sirs,

NGO „Perućica“ is a non profit organization, formed with the aim to stop further devastation and destruction of nature in the basin of river Perućica, in Andrijevica Municipality. Specifically, it is an area that includes parts of mountains Komovi and Prokletije, located exactly on the border of Montenegro and Albania. Considering that to each individual its homeland is the most beautiful, we dare to say that this is one of the most beautiful parts of Montenegro.

Between these two gorgeous mountains, this mountain river flows in all its beauty, and rises to two thousand meters above the sea level. In the higher stream it is called the river Mojanska and in the lower Perućica, creating a beautiful canyon and carrying the life of that area. Throughout history, Perućica had a great importance. On the river banks there were colonies of different nations, caravan routes to Dubrovnik from Peć passed along the river and it also served as the border to many countries. In one word - the area has always been inhabited and the river was the source of life, continuously flowing. Nothing unusual about that - where there is water, there is life, noting that settlements had always been built along the river shores.

Canyon and river valley are inhabited with animal species protected by the law: otters, blind dogs, lynx,
wood-grouse, specific type of Aesculapius’ snake; plants such as: gentian, ramsons, black elder and other rare herbs. Additionally, we have to mention that there are many bird species living in the area like several kind of eagles, ravens, grouses, swallows, quails, nightingales, partridges, finches, several kinds of owls, crows, magpie, wren, woodpeckers and many, many more species.

Bears, wolves, two types of martens, weasels, hedgehogs, moles, deer, deer, chamois, fox, rabbit, badger, lynx, various types of mice, a variety of amphibian species, several rare species of snakes are also widely present in this area - adding an endemic type of trout, only found in the river Perućica. It will not hurt to mention that there are no European widely spread herbs that we are not growing in this area, including various types of mushrooms, continental forest, beech, spruce, more types of wrinkles, even endemic ash, elm, maple, willow, etc. For all of these plants, animals and herb river is the source of life, thus it was created by God for that purpose.

In the process of meeting existential needs, men reaches to what nature offered to him, so someone felt the need to reach for a watercourse of the river that is subject of this letter. That was performed while not taking into account all living world of which big part is enumerated in the paragraph above.

Why we are writing to you?

In all our communication with the responsible state bodies, the most common answers are that devastation is a part of a process required by the European Union, because we must produce "green", "" renewable "energy. Neither one of us considers this as valid, especially not green – we would rather say" black " because for many of the above mentioned kinds that is color of death and a direct result of this plan. Even to the layman it is clear that the crystal clear water does not pollute anything. If there is no water there is also no pollution and no life, and we are fighting for survival of different forms of life.

To understand the problem clearly, let us elaborate - it is planned that from 14km of river flow, to put in pipes 13.5km. With this plan river either disappears or maybe the authorities are planning to settle some special types of otters and trout, who are adapted to life in the pipes below ground. River is not renewable.

Morning mists that create circular flow of water and the necessary moisture for environment will also disappear with this action. There will no longer be micro-climate – we will wait for moist air currents that are related to global climate. In these reflections, with a call for help, we will set yourselves and ourselves a few questions.

First, we wonder whether these are truly the guidelines of the European Union, and if they are not, we beg you to explain this to the responsible people in the country that this is not your opinion so that ordinary people would not have a negative opinion about the European Union. Second, does Europe need dead and lifeless rivers, which will be a lot of in the North of Montenegro?

Third – are these measures economically viable, and if not they probably will in a few years, when entering the European Union, as a rational economic organization, lead to the abolition of subsidies, and therefore to the closing of power plants. And then what- how to bring back everything to the original state and how to bring back a life that will disappear?

Fourth, can paragraphs, planning and business for individuals replace such disorders in this oasis of life? Our wish is that you visit the area and see for yourself this beauty and remove all the negative stories about devastation necessary for power plants construction - in the sense that "Europe demands it". Argument for this is that until the beginning of the story of joining the European Union, there was no mention of this mode of power plant construction.

Fifth, rural development is not attainable in this way. Sixth, statistically speaking when put into operation - power plants, their product, expressed in euros, per capita, is likely to be greatest in Europe. In one word - tax in Europe, per capita will be ranked as follows: 1.Konjuhe (village through which flowing rivers), 2.Switzerland 3.Sweden, etc. Employment - 4 guards, with revenues of 800.00 euros per month.

We somehow feel ashamed to seek help from you, but it is due to not finding the understanding of the people who are responsible for this problem. They tent to "cover" the issue to you, justifying it with seeming economic development of this area, ecology in terms of pollution of nature, rural development, preventing the displacement of the population , which will "probably " come back when river will be gone.
 We could you write a lot more, but we decide to directly communicate to you, counting you will at least try to help us in preventing this plan.

In order the prove the problem, we wish to invite you to visit us and see for yourself and feel free to contact our representatives of NGOs whose names , telephone numbers and address is mentioned below.

With regards,


 Milutin Kočo Kočanović 507 646,
 Milan Mane Krastratović 460 829,
 Hercegovačka 109 Podgorica.
Pronouncement of NGO "PERUĆICA" to the most recent call of the Ministry of Economy for a public debate on granting concessions for the construction of mini power plants, published in the daily newspaper "Pobjeda" from 27.07.2016. to the conclusion of the debate on 15.07.2016. In this way, we wish to thank them for all the previous 'organized' public discussions, which they are also doing this time – giving even too much time for such unimportant topic and showing respect for the people. We thank for, as usually, far in advance adopted conclusions and decisions. But also, we beg them not to get angry if we had something to say and demand.

We ask forgiveness for the rivers Zlorečica, Perućica and Mojanska river, representing an aquifer on which the construction of mini power plants is envisaged, particularly we ask for Perućica and Mojanska river on which construction of four mini power plants in a row is planned. Why a forgiveness? Simply because with construction of these power plants this watercourse is sentenced to death. It will become a lifeless gully where there will be no life. It will be convicted river that is guilty only because God made it in that specific area, in all its beauty, winding its feeble flow between the mountains Komovi and Prokletije. It was found guilty for all the brown throut, otters , numerous amphibians living in the water; for all the deers, mountain goats , wolves and bears are using the water . It is also guilty for protected species living alongside the river banks: otter , lynx , blind dog, rare species of Aesculapius' snake, herbs such as ramsons, gentian,black elder, etc. River flows through an extremely wooded area which experienced unprecedented destruction when few years ago over one million and five hundred thousand cubic meters of wood were carried away. If its not guilty, it is cursed.

It is inconceivable that those who get to judge the faith of the river, want to put her in „prison“ - in a way that a total of fourteen kilometers of waterflow, thirteen and a half will be put in the pipes. It would not surprise us that they conclude that even these remaining five hundred meters of free flow are too much.
Beside, why people neeed a river - they know that people do not need it, so they do not ask for permission. What do people living in „the middle of nowhere“ know about green energy – they should be happy to have electricity. Anyway they will move away, and the sooner the better is for them to do so. Our municipal authorities, busy with economic development, do not find time for such petty things that are obviously "irrelevant", counting that if nobody asks them about usage of the river and potential devastation, why would they ask the people.

People do not know if they need the river or not, so why all the public debate, and anyway who has time to read law and regulations - when it is enough that is even written. Who is not fond of the work being done, has a right to complain. Again – to them, carriers of devastation.

In order to avoid such situation, we would like to appeal to all normal people in this country and ask them for help. We beg representatives of the European Union, embassy representatives in our country, members of the NGO sector, all honest citizens and of course the Government of Montenegro to protect us from arbitrariness, ignorance, arrogance of its officials working directly against nature and people in this area.

It is clear to everyone that construction of mini power plants is economically inefficient, and state grants for each kilowatt produced are necessary, which will ultimately be paid by the people through their bills. So its not profitable for both people and the coutry. What kind of the economic development leads to the downfall of entire project? Lets also include the biggest damage - destruction of nature, which can not be reparied.
 Apparently the only way to make this project work is that everything is suspended, potential investors are regularly paid grants of planned kilowatt and nothing else works. Country and people would keep preserved nature. In that way, everybody get something after all, investors get planned earnings, the people keep what they had for centuries, - the river and the nature, and country gets a chance to purchase cheaper energy from other suppliers. In that scenario, the only loser would be the banks that could lose interest that again would be paid by the citizens.

Therefore, we want to appeal to public opinion and all well-meaning people to help us and stop the attack on nature and people of the north of Montenegro, to finally put an end to this "madness" and realize that people and nature can not be thoughtlessly destroyed, to understand that this can be personally get back a them... As said in a proverb – „You can do what you want, but not for as long as you want“.

                                                               NGO PERUĆICA
                                                              Milutin Kočo Kočanović
                                                          507 646
                                                               Milan Mane Kastratović
                                                           460 829

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MDeSilva3DPARS - Unmanned/Autonomous Technologies For Air, Land Lock Water Resources & Oceans Protection and Production Initiative
The objective is to develop unmanned/autonomous technologies for aiding Land Lock Water Resource & ocean protection and production. The technologies will be developed, tested and evaluated in collaboration with multiple partners by bringing together groups of experts from different fields. The work will involve using existing commercially available technological capabilities or technological capabilities that are ready for licensing from federal, academic and industry labs, which have not yet been applied for ocean protection and production. The technologies of interest may already be used in space commerce and space exploration applications or in military operations. The technological capabilities will be evaluated and then selected for their potential and their ability for being adapted for ocean protection and production. The technological capabilities will be translated by designing and engineering prototypes, testing, and evaluation of the technology prototypes. The engineering of prototypes may be from sustainable material and will involve using 3D printing and advanced robotics capabilities that are being used in manufacturing. The testing and evaluation of prototypes will be conducted that include the evaluation of the technological ability to monitor and sustain ocean production and on the ability to maintain ocean protection that may involve in bioremediation and other innovative mechanisms of ocean pollution removal. Implementing this commitment would mean that we will not only be able to support the blue economy, but also support education and training of the next generation on innovative technologies to protect our ocean. Find out more information at

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Protogerov My team recently launched a new “emission-free travel calculator”. The website calculates the emissions a vehicle produces when commuting to a certain destination and suggests alternative ways of transportation. You can explore and test the tool by yourself on the following link:

A fascinating feature we have designed is that users can now discover the timespan that a tree will need to absorb the amount of emitted CO2 during a trip to a certain destination.

We have designed and developed the tool in order to raise awareness on the global pollution problem.

I would like to ask you for your help to engage with more people and raise awareness on the matter.

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