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Protogerov My team recently launched a new “emission-free travel calculator”. The website calculates the emissions a vehicle produces when commuting to a certain destination and suggests alternative ways of transportation. You can explore and test the tool by yourself on the following link: https://missionemission.co/

A fascinating feature we have designed is that users can now discover the timespan that a tree will need to absorb the amount of emitted CO2 during a trip to a certain destination.

We have designed and developed the tool in order to raise awareness on the global pollution problem.

I would like to ask you for your help to engage with more people and raise awareness on the matter.

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pietrooo Dear EEA,
with this I would like to bring a major environmental topic to your attention. As an independent researcher (www.havasi.sk), I have come across to an official study discussing an environmental disaster that takes place in Bratislava the capital of Slovakia - European Union.

In the 1960's a chemical industry called of Georgi Dimitrov Chemical plant has deposited more than 90,000 cubic meters of toxic waste (among heavy metals and derivates of chemical weapons) in the north part of Bratislava called Podunajske Biskupice. However in the 1990's with the launch of Gabcikovo dam the ground water level increased and with it the burried waste became flooded. After 20 years, the steel barells rusted away and the contaminated material started to leak out into the ground water and spread across the area.

The official authorities are ignoring the severity of the situation and nobody is searching for effective solutions in remove the toxic waste and stop further contamination. The toxic leakage is spreading south-west towards Hungary with the speed of approximately 1m/day. If no steps are made, Europe is facing another environmental catastrophy of global dimensions. Today the Georgi Dimitrov Chemical plant is deserted, and may also contain an unknown amount of deposited chemicals.

Please find attached an official study discussing the details of this environmental accident. An OCR translation software was used to translate the documents from Slovak to English.

If you have any questions or difficulties translating the study, please do not hesitate to contact me.
I am looking forward to your reply,

With Best Regards,
Peter Havasi
00421 944 495 285

Further Reference:
Article: It's a toxic lake under Bratislava, ignoring it for 20 years
Article: Toxic waste from the former Dimitrovka can pollute the sources of drinking water!
Article: Toxic dump after Dimitrov is 50 years old
Article: The landfill in Vrakuni will be rehabilitated, but the toxins in the country will remain

Contact details:
Bratislava City West Mayor: JUDr. Ing. Martin Kuruc
Bratislava City North Mayor: Mgr. Rudolf Kusý
Bratislava's Environmental Protection Agency: Ing. Miroslava Gregorová

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anantinfosys Hi

This blog post is about a simple design change to vehicles that can reduce pollution effects on humans...


Please go through, and if you like it and do not find any of my assumptions wrong, please share it!!...

It can change my life!!...

Thanks & Regards

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