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Interactive Atlas : full screen video bug



I am just a visitor of the EEA website, brought here by a link in TEEB's website (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity). I was browsing the atlas and checking the various highlights in different parts of the globe. When I tried to run a video in full screen, it just expanded the dark frame around it but not the video itself. I'm not competent enough to come up with a solution, but this can probably be fixed !

Maybe is it relevant to write that I use Firefox as browser on a Mac and installed the Silverlight plugin for Firefox only today. ;-)

Hoping this will be useful to someone,

Felix P

Something is going wrong when a video is turned to full screen on the atlas !
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Gazy Jun 29, 2011 01:19 PM

This is a knows issue and we plan to work on it as soon as possible.
if you go on the direct link of the application ( ) you will see the video in a bigger frame (but still not fulscreen).

Thank you very much for your feedback