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mhebcn Feb 28, 2013 06:01 PM

Just read article on how truck traffic relates to health damage and thereby cost for the society.
In this line I would like to know if any studies have been done for the relation between fossil based energy production, emissions and health cost?
Can these cost be reflected in a cost per mwh produced by different fossil material?
Is a spread sheet over cost of energy made for each type of energy production available?
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EEA Mar 19, 2013 01:17 PM
Hi mhebcn,
the health cost of air pollution depends on a variety of issues, including type of pollutant, technology used, population density, geography etc. It is therefore difficult to make a direct comparison between energy production methods.

However, I can suggest three references that partly answer your question:
- Mikael Skou Andersen, The Economics of Air Pollution Control, in Tjell, J.C., Fenger, J. (eds.) Causes and Impacts of Air
Pollution: from Local to Global Importance, Polyteknisk forlag, Lyngby, 2008.

- EVA – a non-linear Eulerian approach for assessment of health-cost externalities of air pollution:

- Cost of industrial air pollution, including power plants:[…]/

I hope this is useful to you!