FULL INJUSTICE &amp; ILLEGAL ACTIONS IN EUROPEAN AUTHORITIES ...<br /><br />To: U.N.,I.C.C.'Prosecutor,European Authorities,Embassies of Nations,Others...<br />Πρός τις Εισαγγελείες[Α.Π.+Εφετών+Πρωτοδικών] Αθηνών+Ε.Υ.Π.+Ελλην. Αστυνομία+Αλλους...<br />Special communication to {Royal Embassy of Netherlands+Canadian Embassy} in Greece.<br /><br />From: Joseph-Christos Kondylakis,Nuclear Physicist &amp; Research Scientist in Basic Fundamental Scientific Research, Mikras Asias 13,Agios Nikolaos,Anavissou,19013 Attiki, Greece,<br />tel+fax:+30-2291055275 , Thursday-13-April-2017 [ fax : two pages ]<br /><br />FULL INJUSTICE &amp; BIG ILLEGAL ACTIONS IN EUROPEAN UNION AUTHORITIES, CONCERNING VITAL !! THEMES OF INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR SAFETY, ONCOLOGICAL/CANCER FUNDAMENTAL SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH,E.T.C. FOR MY CASES,E.T.C.,...<br /><br />Your references may be found by using Internet search “key” words “Joseph Christos Kondylakis” , “Unified Theory Oncology”, “Kondylakis Nuclear”, “Ιωσήφ Χρήστος Κονδυλάκης” and study the information(author Petition,Thinking viz Joseph-Christos Kondylakis) in the Internet site :<br /><a href="https://semfe.gr/forum/viewforum.php?f=21" rel="nofollow">https://semfe.gr/forum/viewforum.php?f=21</a><br />and also study our previous relevant communications...<br /><br />I am a scientist who made Basic Fundamental scientific research in many fields of sciences which open new directions in the scientific research , including in the International Nuclear Safety with my original scientific article “Theoretically and under very special applied conditions a nuclear fission reactor may explode as nuclear bomb” available from the Internet site:<br />&nbsp;<a href="http://nuclpart.phys.uoa.gr/HNPS/Files/ANP2010.pdf" rel="nofollow">http://nuclpart.phys.uoa.gr/HNPS/Files/ANP2010.pdf</a><br />and in the Theoretical Oncology research , with my original set of articles entitled “The Unified Theory of Oncology” that exist in my CV with a CD of July 2014 which may be found in the office of General Director of C.E.R.N. , in the office of the former President of European Parliament Mr Marin Schulz , in the Royal Embassy of Netherlands in Greece, in the Canadian Embassy in Greece , in the All Medical Doctors Association of Greece, in the Criminal Prosecution of the first instance Criminal Court in Athens,Greece &amp; Elsewhere...<br />Also I research &amp; investigate the major problem for the future of Humanity , viz the existing Worldwide Satanic(kabbalah) Jewish Dictatorship which leads the Gentiles(Not jews) Humanity to <br />De-humanization &amp; Sub-Animalization, and the Gentiles &amp; the planet Earth to Huge Catastrophe(s)...<br /><br />Sending Petitions to European Parliament concerning my above VITAL scientific research the Petitions Committee of European Parliament ILLEGALY is NOT registering most of my VITAL Petitions or if registering certain of them it reject them with Clearly ILLEGAL &amp; INJUSTICE “justifications” that f.e. the Nuclear Safety , Oncology/Cancer is...NOT inside the interests of European Union!!!...<br />I found from an Internet video of her ,that the Chair-woman of the Petitions Committee Mrs Cecilia Wikstrom is vise-chairwoman in the fighting anti-semitism group of European Parliament and this may be a proof that she in First priority fullfill Jewish interests ,and ignore!! Fundamental Vital European interests as the Nuclear Safety and Fundamental scientific research in Cancer illness...<br />Note that ILLEGALY the Petitions Committee of European Parliament STOP registering my Petitions to European Parliament...<br />I complained to the European Ombudsman for the Petitions Committee of European Parliament putting BARRIERS in the Fundamental scientific research in International Nuclear Safety , in Oncology/Cancer and in other Vital themes of my scientific research (as f.e. in Genetic Modified Organisms) , Macro Economics, Jewish Satanic(kabbalah) Worldwide Dictatorship and other Vital fields of Fundamental scientific research and the European Ombudsman rejected my complain WITHOUT SEARCHING FOR THE TRUE!!! , but on the justification that...my case contains “hate speak”...The European Ombudsman also put in First priority the Jewish interests and she also ignore!! Fundamental Vital European interests, as the International Nuclear Safety and the Basic &amp; Fundamental scientific research in Oncology/Cancer illness...<br />My only option left was to go to the General Court of European Union in Luxembourg, and I did two applications for Legal aid Against the Petitions Committee of European Parliament STOPING my Basic Fundamental Scientific Research in International Nuclear Safety [case T-51/16 AJ ] and for STOPING my Basic Fundamental Scientific Research in Oncology/Cancer [case T-385/16 AJ].Both of my applications of Legal Aid was refering also to the Jewish factor as implied cause of putting BARRIERS for STOPING my Basic Fundamental Scientific researches.The President of general court of European Union rejected Both of my applications for Legal Aid , the first on the STOPING my Petition on the VITAL International Nuclear Safety rejected with the justification that was outside of deadline for application(although inside the time of deadline I have made a simple fax application , that may be interpreted as extending the deadline time)<br />and the second application of mine for Legal Aid it was very clearly inside the deadline and extremely clear the ILLECAL action of the Committee of European Parliament of rejecting it with the justification that...Oncology/Cancer is NOT inside the European interests.The judge of the court of European Union was impossible to reject it on the essence of the matter , but he rejected it ,with the “justification” that … the proposed action has not been set out coherently and comprehensibly on the legal aid form...BUT as I received a fax from an Embassy it was clear that the proposed action has been set clearly coherently &amp; comprehensibly on the legal aid form. The only explanation that I can give in both cases is that the Jewish interests count more and higher than the VITAL International Nuclear Safety &amp; Oncology/Cancer Scientific research,E.T.C.,...<br />Also to be mentioned is that the European Commission/Energy STOPED my communications on my VITAL International Nuclear Safety, the Greek Justice do not legally protect me although many times I ask its help and the Jewish controlled mass communication media do not publish my VITAL Scientific researches and similar problems I confrond from the scientific journals &amp; elsewhere...<br />The above may considered as a clear proof of how strong is the Jewish Satanic(kabbalah) Worldwide Dictatorship....and to ask from Free Gentiles(Not jews),worldwide, to help me in my cases , to Investigate my cases &amp; my past history and to try to FREE Europe &amp; the World from the “invisible” very strong Jewish Worldwide Satanic(kabbalah) Dictatorship leading the Humanity and planet Earth to their Huge Destruction...viz The Worst Crime in World History Against Humanity...S.O.S...S.O.S...<br /><br />
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