Dear Sir, or Madam, and European Environment Agency,<br /><br />It is a great honor for me and my team members to contact with you and EEA.<br /><br />This is Daeun Heo from Kyunghee University in Seoul, South Korea. My team members and I are now attending the last year of university pursuing BA, and currently working on a project on environmental issues – especially on photovoltaic recycling.<br />&nbsp;<br />In the early 2000s, the South Korean government and cities started putting their best effort and budgets on replacing the traditional electricity system with renewable energy. Thanks to their effort, many of households and businesses in Korea now own solar panels on their rooftops to generate energy. However, with the expected life of solar panels – 20 to 25 years – taken into account, a considerable amount of panels around South Korea will be disposed sooner or later.<br /><br />Until few years ago, end-of-life PV modules in Korea were disposed without going through adequate recycling process. With increasing amount of used solar panels, the Korean government took the issue seriously and began establishing the infrastructure of photovoltaic recycling since 2016.<br /><br />This summer, my team and I are planning to visit some European businesses and institutions with great examples of recycling. Among them, we decided that EEA is one of the most suitable models for us to learn from for our project.<br /><br />For this reason, my team and I hope to visit EEA in August this summer and learn from your company.<br />&nbsp;<br />Would it be okay, please give us a response via this email address. We hope we could contribute to making the better environment through this opportunity.<br />&nbsp;<br />Please consider the request and feel free to contact us via mail (<a href="&#0109;ailto&#0058;dheo&#0064;">dheo&#0064;</a>).<br />&nbsp;<br />We will be looking forward to your response.<br />&nbsp;<br />Thank you.<br />&nbsp;<br />Yours sincerely,<br />&nbsp;<br />Daeun Heo<br />Kyunghee University<br />
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